The Horse Who Came Home

Hannah battles with heartbreak, life shattering realisations and being torn between family obligation and doing what’s right in this stop and think kind of book. This compelling story of love and unwavering devotion between Hannah and her ‘heart horse’ is an inspiring read that speaks to how a girl, her pony and some amazing friends can change the world one pony at a time.

This book really captures the heart and soul of what it means to love and cherish the creatures and the world around us in the character of Hannah. Supporting diversity with a glimpse into the not so picturesque view of the equine world, provides a fresh and sneakily educational novel which anyone with a fondness for a good story and our four hooved companions will love.

Hannah and her friends navigate the twists and turns of their story with defiant optimism and courage, while dealing with emotional and social setbacks which would hinder any other trio. But in the face of this adversity, they prevail to achieve what is perceived to be unachievable; changing their world for the better with the aim of benefitting others.

Olivia Tuffin creates a moving novel from the seemingly unextraordinary making a book that you will never want to put down.

Book Cover - The Horse Who Came Home
Publication Date
July 2023