How Did I Get Here?

The title is a question that is asked by many a curious child, and Philip Bunting has bravely accepted the challenge to explain the incredible journey of life. Described as the ‘unauthorised biography of you’, How Did I Get Here? charts the journey from the Big Bang to the birth of the young reader.

Bunting has done a wonderful job of creating an accessible and clearly explained book. What could have been a dull read is instead an interesting and funny picturebook. The use of colours to explain the Big Bang is striking and the Evolution of Man is amusingly done. The book shows how generations slowly adapt and also what might have happened to the reader if any little change had happened on this journey.

Written and visual jokes abound throughout the book, with some jokes reserved for older readers.

The author finds ways of relating things to children so that they will find big concepts easier to grasp. With his clever, funny text and illustrations, Bunting has managed to successfully answer the title question, but will probably encourage curious children to ask even more!

Book Cover - How Did I Get Here
Publication Date
July 2019
Age range