How Do Meerkats Order Pizza?

How do Meerkats order Pizza? The fascinating answer to the title of this book is that they vote! How do we know this? Why science and research of course! Brooke Barker, the author and illustrator of this fantastic non-fiction book shows us wild animal facts through the people who study them.

This book is part graphic novel, part science, and all humour. Underneath the amusing comic style characters and illustrated real life scientists the book itself is more of a nature documentary of odd and interesting animals and facts disguised as a graphic novel. Some readers might be familiar with Brookes’ other work with Sad Animal Facts, her style here is expanded beyond portraits of individual animals into a full illustrated narrative. The pages appear as a field guide, full of handwritten notes and explainers, the animals and people reproduced in Brookes’ journal style. Every creature in this book is bursting with colour, personality, and humour, with real characterisation being given to the interactions between the creature and scientists with forth wall breaking in abundance.

This unique approach makes for really light and engaging reading of some complex ideas and fascinating research. Broken down into sections, each part begins with highlighting the individual scientist and their field of study. Here the reader is presented with a diverse set of very real people, and more keenly, their personal stories on how they began their journey into the world of research. Almost in an interview format, the facts are brought to us by the way of stories or anecdotes from the scientists’ work, hence the title of the book, How Do Meerkats Order Pizza?

This is a brilliant book for those young 8–12-year-old readers fascinated with nature. The high point being the connection of the scientist to their inspirations as children, just as those who may read this book may also be inspired by the intriguing world of scientific research and fake poop to begin their own scientific studies.

Book Cover - How Do Meerkats Order Pizza?
Publication Date
January 2024