How Families Are Made

This is a short but mighty book seeking to explain the biological and societal structures of a family. It focuses mainly on pregnancy, birth, babies, and families and as such is suited to children who have questions about how they became part of a family, before their development focuses on their own growth and change.

Khan is a qualified GP, and the book is written with correct physiological terminology, while remaining chatty and informative in tone to make it accessible to younger readers. Paired with the beautiful illustrations by Irish illustrator Donough O’Malley, this book is perfect for parents and carers to start a discussion with children, or for help with answering the ‘tough questions’ on reproduction or sex education.

The inclusivity of the book is also one of its strengths. The first two pages highlight an extremely diverse range of families and households, meaning that most, if not all children are represented. The book delves further into families with two mums or two dads and the topics of sperm donation and surrogacy are treated in a simple and unpatronizing manner that would resonate very well with children.

This book is appropriate in general for over 8s, but parental review before sharing this book with young people is advisable. The structure of the book very well divided so that each section could be referred to when the child’s parent or carer judges them suitable. For example, the section on delivering babies can be read as a standalone piece once that question arises from a curious child.

Book Cover – How Families Are Made
Publication Date
February 2024