How It Works Digger

We're invited to look inside to discover how a digger works, as we follow its journey from the builders' yard to the building site, and watch it build a new house. But that's not all, as each double page spread contains peep-through pages, a little cat to spot and a well-informed mouse which gives ‘Did You Know?’ facts. I certainly learnt a thing or two; who knew a digger can weigh as much as 20 elephants?

This book is great fun for a parent to read to their toddler, as the text is clear and informative, naming the parts of the digger, and how it works in an easily understood way, enhanced by vividly coloured illustrations.

Appealing to all ages, this is a book which grows with your child. It's sturdily made meaning it will outlast the liveliest toddlers attention who is initially more interested in exploring the shapes of the brightly- coloured peep-through pages. But it's entertaining, educational and informative enough to engage older children with the fascinating, descriptive information.

The type of interactive book in which each page reveals more of the story, this entertaining, educational and informative book would make an engaging gift for a pre-school child.

Book Cover - How It Works Digger
Publication Date
July 2023
Board Book