How Long is a Whale?

How Long Is A Whale? is a unique counting book, which starts with the length of ten sea otters and uses them as a comparison for groups of other aquatic animals, counting down to one humpback whale. The author, Alison Limentani, then cleverly uses the humpback whale as a measure for other, larger sea animals.

Many facts and figures about sea animals are included in this book, which is great for children who are interested in non-fiction, animals and sea life. This is also a different sort of counting book, adding the comparison of scale and number, no doubt leading children to think of other comparisons between very large and very small animals.

The illustrations, while realistic, use lovely muted colours and beautiful textures throughout. Alison Limentani, who is also the illustrator, has added the nice touch of a diver on every page, to give an idea of the scale of each animal compared to humans.

An excellent book for children who are interested in numbers, scale and the natural world.

Book Cover - How Long is a Whale?
Publication Date
October 2021