A Hunter's Moon

A Hunter’s Moon takes you on a journey into the depths of the dark and mystical woods, stepping back through time into a world where magic is not only believed in, but something to be feared and respected. So, what then becomes of those who don’t abide by the ancient rules of the forest? In this story, city dweller Callum learns that there are things in his world that he can’t explain and people who lead very different lives to his, deep within the Scottish countryside.

A fast paced and exciting read, A Hunter’s Moon will keep you frantically turning the pages, as one by one, the villagers come face to face with the consequences of their actions and Callum must admit to himself, and try to convince his employer, that the wolf they hunt is no ordinary beast, but a creature of magic and malevolence, hell bent on revenge. Failure simply isn’t an option for Callum, his very life may depend on it.

This gripping tale, with just the right amount of terror, will have you thinking twice about venturing into the forest at night, or dismissing long held traditions as nothing more than fairy tales. After all, folklore has to come from some grain of truth, right?

A Hunter's Moon Cover Image
Publication Date
September 2021