I Am: A Book About Feelings

Picturebooks can be a wonderful tool for helping little people put into words the emotions they’re experiencing. In Alice Melvin’s latest board book for very young children, this is exactly what is achieved. From the ‘excitement’ of the opening page to the ‘tiredness’ at the last, the range of emotions explored is characteristic of almost every toddler who will share this book with their parents or carers.

Text is kept to an absolute minimum – a simple one-word emotion on each double-page spread. This allows the beautiful paper-cut images to come to the fore to tell the story. The upset at being left behind as your big sister scoots away is quickly replaced by the happiness experienced by a shared scooter ride. The emotions are depicted with simplicity, written across the faces of our young boy and his big sister for all to see. The real-life scenarios that face the siblings will make it easier for little ones to empathise. Not everyone is scared of cats or delighted by swings like the boy in this story, but being able to name emotions and their associated behaviours gives children a language that helps them better express themselves. This is a smart, visually rich book that celebrates play as a way of making sense of the world. With our big brothers or sisters at our side, and our parents on hand, we can explore the world and our emotions in a safe and supportive way.

Book Cover - I Am: A Book About Feelings
Publication Date
September 2021
Board Book