I Believe In You

When faced with all those small frustrations in daily life, it can be easy to lose patience with yourself and to give up. This positive and affirming picture book is a reminder to believe in yourself, and in the importance of lending a helping hand whenever you can.

Debbie is having a tricky day; she has lost her shoes, forgotten her pencil case, her spellings are confusing, and everything seems to be going wrong! But luckily, Debbie is surrounded by family, teachers and friends who believe in her and remind her of all the things she can achieve when she puts her mind to it.

A gentle story with a massive confidence boost built in, this picture book is a lovely reminder for young readers of the power of asking, receiving and giving help. Grace Enemaku’s colourful and expressive illustrations allow the reader to truly empathise with Debbie as she overcomes all the obstacles that her day throws at her.

I Believe In You has a simple but important message of self-belief and actively remembering that we are all capable of achieving great things. Somorin’s positive affirmation, ‘Look at all the things you can do. I believe in you,’ is a refrain this reviewer will be repeating to herself and gladly sharing with all the small children in her life. This picture book is essential for every classroom.


About the Author
Author Image - Deborah Somorin
Deborah Somorin is a management consultant, qualified chartered accountant and founder of Empower the Family Ireland, a non-profit that helps single parents who are pursuing a degree. In 2020, she was listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe. Her debut picture book for children I Believe in You, illustrated by Grace Enemaku, brings her empowering message to a new generation.
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About the Illustrator
Illustrator Image - Grace Enemaku
Grace Enemaku is a Nigerian-Irish multidisciplinary designer and illustrator from Dublin. She founded DesignOpp, an IDI initiative to champion diversity for people of colour in Irish design and is creative director of GXRLCODE, a female collective that makes creative work together and amplifies women’s voices in the creative industry.
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I Believe In You Cover Image
Publication Date
September 2022