I Got This

Erin is a young girl who dares to dream. So when her favourite girl band Fusion announces that they’re holding a competition to find someone to be in their next music video, she is determined to prove to herself and others that she can win. Erin has more than one reason to do this. She has achondroplasia (the most common form of dwarfism), and so does her brother Joe. She wants to show him that this won’t get in the way of them achieving anything they want from life. But she has a lot of work to do if she’s going to win that prize.

Together with her best friend Aimee, Erin must create a video entry that shows Fusion that she was born to perform. But when another, possibly better opportunity for a winning entry presents itself, Erin must decide who she is and what matters most to her.

The cover art for the book brilliantly showcases Erin’s feisty personality. Filled with bright colours, readers are given a clear visual of her character before turning to the first page. Her smile reflects Erin’s outlook on life – she is optimistic, goofy, and fun loving, often cracking jokes to herself and the reader. Despite bearing the brunt of judgment and lack of awareness from others, as the narrative unfolds she learns how to let go of doubt and to start believing in herself more.

A story full of friendship and hope, guaranteed to leave a smile on the reader’s face.

I Got This Cover Image
Publication Date
April 2022