I Kick and I Fly

In this engaging and inspirational story, a young teenage girl living in rural India defies the expectations of caste and custom to resist being sold into a sex trafficking ring. Heera’s family see no options. They are shunned by the village, they are in debt to criminals who are protected by the authorities, and this has always been the fate of girls from their class. Until the day Heera discovers Kung Fu. Through the mental and physical discipline of martial art, Heera learns to value herself physically and spiritually and brings about lasting change in her community.

Ruchira Gupta, award-winning journalist and campaigner, has created a world brimming with colour, vibrancy, and emotion. Her characters are funny, sad, angry, flawed, brave and frightened - in every normal way – but they are also shaped by the beliefs of centuries-old traditions, limited by the legacy of colonisation and unable to see any way or any reason to change. This is a tough and complex subject which we might think of as irrelevant to our western world. Gupta traces the journey of young girls from dusty rural Indian villages to noisy New York city in a compelling and credible story based on experiences which she has researched.

We confront some very tough choices but ultimately this is an empowering tale of compassion, loyalty, and redemption. You’ll be cheering for Heera all the way! Excellent discussion guide included which is useful for class discussions or for book groups.

Book Cover - I Kick and I Fly
Publication Date
July 2023