The Ice Children

If there is one book you read this year let it be this one! Ice Children centres around brave 11-year-old Bianca’s quest to solve the mystery of her town’s frozen children, which includes Finn, her 5-year-old brother. Bianca’s rescue effort catapults us into the winter wonderland of Winterton which is full of winter spirit animals, funfair rides, skating rinks and hot chocolate fountains.

The story is engaging, exciting and enlightening. Winter is a season we would sorely miss if it vanished and this book conveys the beauty and magic of winter so well. Without trying too hard, it conveys a strong climate action message that is easy to understand. The rallying call to all children to engage with climate action at the end of the story is clear and loud.

Penny Neville- Lee’s wonderful artwork makes this book a delight to behold and touch. Her illustrations adorning the book cover draw you to pick up the book. Once in your hands the gorgeous endpapers, the winter spirit inspired crystals at the start of each chapter and the atmospheric black and white illustrations inside the book add further depth and interest to the story. This is definitely a book you should judge by its cover!

A story that effortlessly explores and touches on themes of friendship, family, fear and the environment – it is destined to become a classic.

Book Cover - The Ice Children
Publication Date
November 2023