I'm Going to Be a Princess!

Stephanie Taylor’s multi-layered and thought provoking text teamed with Jade Orlando’s beautifully detailed illustrations make this picture book a treat for the senses. The title, 'I’m Going to Be a Princess', tricks the reader into thinking this is going to be yet another one dimensional girly girl story. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, a clear feminist voice is interwoven with detailed illustrations to send a strong message about self-belief.

The story follows Maya as she and her mother walk home from school discussing her dream for her future self, ‘to be a princess’. We get the sense that Maya’s mother thinks she is selling herself short with this particular fantasy, and in an attempt to sway her daughter, she calls on some of the most inspirational Black women in history only to find Maya’s ambitions for herself far exceed her own.

Intricate illustrations throughout the story will prompt discussions with young and older children around the wider topics of cultural diversity, disability, acceptance and equality. The illustrator’s use of soft colours enhances the gentle nature of this mother daughter relationship. This in turn adds to the overall enjoyment and authenticity of the story.

Throughout the story, Maya’s mother refers to her daughter as her ‘strong, bold, brave girl’. This picture book features the perfect combination of words and illustrations to inspire a whole new generation of strong, bold, brave girls to stay true to themselves and dream big just like Maya.

Book Cover - I'm Going to be a Princess
Publication Date
September 2023