Impossible Creatures

Mal is a young girl who lives on the Archipelago; she’s fiercely determined and loves nothing more than using her flying coat to soar high into the skies. Mal’s surroundings initially seem fairly ordinary until we find out that this magical land is home to many fantastical creatures, and something is happening that threatens their very existence …

In the best tradition of fantasy adventures, Mal must team up with a motley crew of strangers to save her realm, including Christopher, a boy from the edge of our world, who has yet to learn of the mysteries of the Archipelago and his role in keeping it safe. 

Rundell creates marvellous worlds that you’ll want to visit, her words transport you effortlessly to lush grasslands, busy cities, and windswept, rocky islands. These worlds are populated by colourful humans like sea captains, bejewelled matriarchs, and fierce guards. On this adventure however, the humans are overshadowed by the many impossible creatures of the title. There are familiar sounding mythical animals like mermaids, centaurs, and Dragons, but there are many others drawn from a multitude of cultures and sources that are in turn formidable and fascinating.

Ultimately though, this is a story about human nature and our best and worst qualities. It’s about families; the ones we are born into, and the ones we find ourselves part of along the way. This is a glorious adventure where the most important quality an adventurer needs is the ability to love.

Book Cover - Impossible Creatures
Publication Date
September 2023