The Incomplete Book of Dragons

In an encyclopaedia like no other, Cressida Cowell gives an insight into her very own world where she categorizes dragons great and small from the minuscule Ziggerastica to the monstrous Leviathorgans, from the short-sighted Bog Spotted Gormless to the silly Two-Headed Gormatron. The book is filled with quirky facts and characteristics for each creature the reader would have met in the How To Train Your Dragon series. It comes complete with maps, collector cards and poster.

The Incomplete Book of Dragons is a handbook for all aspiring dragon-watchers who wish to learn everything about the dragons that exist in all four elements of Earth, Air, Sea and Fire which inhabit The Barbaric Archipelago. Into the pages of his private and confidential journal, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third, with the help of his hunting dragon Toothless, reveals details of his research, from the perfect dragon-watching equipment to bring in your rucksack to how to speak dragonese.

Cressida Cowell is well known for her rich and unique humour which is emphasized by her scratchy style of illustration and great characters, which both captivate the imagination and bring out the curiosity in a reader of any age.

A must-have book for anyone who loves the original series as well as the Dreamworks films or for new fans keen for adventure in the lost world of dragons.

Book Cover - The Incomplete Book of Dragons
Publication Date
October 2021