Indiana Bones

A captivating, trail-blazing adventure story with a talking dog, smelly baddies and plenty of humour to boot, Indiana Bones is a recipe for enthralled readers and sure to inspire future archaeologists, historians and travellers alike. There is a thrilling sense of naughtiness in a child taking the lead in an adventure. This, however, is a reminder to us adults of the unending abilities and brilliance of the children in our lives.

Heape wields language like a wizard with a wand. The reader will be absolutely spellbound when unexpectedly stumbling across the clever wordplay and unusual, amusing metaphors dotted throughout the text. The humour is amplified by the stylistic crossing out of certain words, and it becomes a treasure hunt itself to spot these changes. Children who can find reading tricky will be tickled to note an author ‘making mistakes’ or changing their mind too. Bagley’s beguiling illustrations parallel the magic of the story and reengage the reader at the beginning of each chapter. This page turner will make history and magic come alive in the classroom and at home, and young readers (and this old one) will anxiously be anticipating the next instalment.

Book Cover - Indiana Bones
Publication Date
June 2021