Infographic Guide to the Globe

Getting to know our planet is hugely important for all age groups and this book abounds in fun facts and vital information about the place that we all call home. Gwen Keraval’s bold and beautifully detailed infographics give a sense of the scale and size of the universe, as well as the fine details about cities, species, and small spaces.

The book is pitched in such a way that young readers will find their own natural curiosity addressed, as well as finding answers to questions they had never thought to ask. The size, orbit and distance from the sun of each of the planets is listed and depicted, but so too is the weight of a tapir, the size of a sleep capsule in Tokyo, and the most pet loving places on the planet.Crucially, there is a thread of environmental and social detail which runs right through this book. From the plight of 132 million girls aged 6-17 around the world who cannot access education, to the need for public transport to be a bigger part of people’s lives, the ethical responsibilities that all humans bear is gently but insistently brought to the fore. This is a book which satisfies curiosity, will prompt further discoveries about our amazing world, and will instil a sense of responsibility about how we treat this wonderful world that we have been given.

Book Cover - Infographic Guide to the Globe
Publication Date
November 2020