Inis magazine: issue 1, Summer 2002

Inis is the magazine of Children's Books Ireland. Within these pages you will find features and articles on Irish and international children's books as well as in-depth reviews of new titles for children and teenagers. With its range of expert contributors, this is a key resource for teachers, writers, illustrators, librarians, parents/guardians and everyone interested in children's books.

'Welcome to the first issue of Inis -The Children's Books Ireland Magazine. It's the first issue under that name, but of course it's the same magazine as Children's Books in Ireland, which has been undergoing a grad­ual metamorphosis over the past year or so.''

In this edition:

  • Cover illustration by Jessica Souhami from Mrs McCool and the Giant Cuchulainn - An Irish Tale (Frances Lincoln)
  • Editorial
  • Letters
  • Fowl experience with Eoin Colfer
  • Why we need (more) Children's Book Awards by Sarah Webb
  • Country Feature: New Zealand - Representations of Maori in New Zealand children's literature with Clare Bradford
  • Hairy Maclary, Slinky Malinki and Lynley Dodd by Lucinda Jacob 
  • Pausing in the Doorway by Pat Boran
  • What's the Story?: A research project into children's reading habits by Irene Barber
  • Daring deeds and sacred truths: Summer School preview by Liz Morris
  • Close-Up: Living Irish Authors 4: Matthew Sweeney by Robert Dunbar
  • Patricia Lynch, Storyteller by Phil Young
  • Bisto Awards Shortlist 2002 
  • Reviews/léirmheasanna