Inside In: X-rays of Nature's Hidden World

This is a completely unique and fascinating book about nature from the inside. Nature meets art in magical bioramas – x-ray portraits of animals and plants. Each page turn reveals a different creature or pair of creatures to be discovered, that allow the reader to see the natural world as never before.

The humble snail becomes a creature of fascination with a deeply beautiful image that would not look out of place on an art gallery wall. This clever, yet minimalist, use of colour really elevates these bioramas and shows the hidden beauty of the natural world. The images are accompanied by engaging text that encourages the reader to look deeply at each photograph. A balance is struck with just the right amount of facts and pointers to really engage the reader without turning the book into an encyclopaedia. Who would again underestimate the ferocious aerial acrobat that is the muscled dragonfly? Or forget that tree frogs use their eyes … yes eyes … to swallow?

Interesting facts sprinkled with funny quips and comparisons, guide the reader through the book and the carefully chosen images each have something unique – whether it be the architectural joy that is the ray’s wing or the unexpectedly terrifying John Dory. Emerging at the end, I was surprised at how much I had learned about evolution and the development of x-rays without feeling I had been schooled. An unexpected page-turner that I would highly recommend.

Book Cover - Inside In - X-rays of Nature's Hidden World
Publication Date
October 2023