The Insiders

Callie, Billy and Ted are the three protagonists of the narrative and each have their own worries to contend with: Callie experiences peer pressure and the heavy impact of secrets, Billy tries to understand his changing family dynamics, and Ted faces the reality of bullying and changing friendship dynamics.

Howe writes within multiple perspectives which gives each character the chance to tell their side of the story. The reader is invited to think about family dynamics of every character and why they react the way they do to the adventures and journeys they embark on, and the secrets that build up along the way. The evolution of friendships is particularly well handled, as is the impact of bullying and peer pressure. Howe does not cower from the topics and instead shows the honest truth involving secrets and lies.

A title true to its name, Howe focuses on the internal thoughts between Callie, Billy and Ted. Her shift from the outside world to inside thoughts is significant and most relatable to a younger reading age group. It can be easy to get caught up in one’s own thoughts, and Howe expresses this very well in her writing. She subtly tackles this natural dilemma between the  characters and how they eventually come to interact with one another, how one major event can make one realise that there is more to the world than just your inside thoughts.

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Publication Date
May 2022