Invented by Animals: Meet the creatures who inspired our everyday technology

Invented by Animals is dedicated to all budding scientists and inventors of tomorrow. It will doubtlessly create inventors and scientists and encourage them to look to the natural world for inspiration. It is packed with fascinating examples of animals who have inspired new technologies and inventions.

Gosia Herba’s illustrations are key to the impact of the book. They are large, artistic and humorous. The muted palette is appealing and the animals are imbued with personality. They take centre stage and the text fits around them. The narrative is from the animals’ perspective and speech bubbles are used to bring the text to life. Children will really enjoy the humorous and fun style.

Those who may not already have a love of science will be drawn in by the fun animal characters and what they say about their ingenious ways of surviving in the wild. I was amazed to learn how the kingfisher and owl solved the problem of the noisy bullet train through the shape of their respective beak and feathers.

This book will make children rethink how they view the natural world and pay closer attention to how animals have adapted. It also encourages young readers to believe they too could invent something. The world of science and invention is within reach for everyone. Curiosity, an inquiring and open mind are key. And a copy of this book, of course!

Book Cover - Invented by Animals
Publication Date
April 2021