Island of Whispers

Milo finds himself in a very perilous situation when he suddenly inherits his father’s trade as the Ferryman of the island of Merlank, tasked with the heavy responsibility of transporting the souls of the dead to their final resting place on the Island of Broken Tower. Left to their own devices roaming the island, the restless ghosts would kill the inhabitants with a single stare.

Aboard the ship the Evening Mare, Milo is pursued by a grieving Lord unwilling to let go of his daughter’s soul and the two malicious wizards under his employ. Faced with spectral threats and rough seas, Milo must find a to survive and to accomplish his mission in his very own way.

Reminiscent of Greek mythology and its own River Styx, this thrilling coming-of-age tale is told through the poetic, and sometimes haunting, prose of Hardinge. On his way to fulfil his destiny, our hero delivers not only thrills but an important message about integrity, tradition and the memories our beloved ones pass on. The stunning illustrations accompanying the story are delicate, in shades of blue, white and black and give a beautifully completeness to the ethereal feel to this journey into an in-between world.

This gothic fable will keep readers on the edge of their seat while confronting the themes of mortality and bereavement in a heart-warming and genuine way.

Book Cover - Island of Whispers
Publication Date
September 2023