It's Only Stanley

It’s Only Stanley is a deliberately misleading title as Stanley, the Wimbeldons’ family pet, is a resourceful, clever dog who certainly should not be taken for granted (nor indeed his DIY skills be underestimated!). Woken up by strange bump-in-the-night sounds over the course of one night, the Wimbeldons (and by extension the readers) are relieved to discover each time that ‘it’s only Stanley’ who is the cause of all the noise. From howling at the moon to clearing the bathtub drain, just what the mysterious Stanley is really up to keeps the reader intrigued right to the very end.

This charmingly absurd story culminates in a dramatic ending narrated principally through Agee’s deceptively simple illustrations in framed sequence and double spreads. Readers will have fun too with the alliterative and onomatopoeic aspects of the text as well as counting how many young Wimbeldons appear in their parents’ bedroom seeking reassurance as the story progresses.

Author-illustrator Jon Agee’s latest picturebook is sure to delight young readers in particular with its colourful, witty illustrations (watch out for Max, the rather alarmed looking cat) and read-aloud rhymed narrative. If you are looking for an enjoyable bedtime story, look no further!

Book Cover - It's Only Stanley
Publication Date
October 2020