It's Too Dark, Puffling

Erika McGann and Gerry Daly bring us back to Skellig Michael with this addition to the adventures of Puffling, as she comes across a smaller puffling, all by himself and afraid of the dark. Of course Puffling wants to help, and together they go on an adventure across the island, meeting many of the inhabitants. On each occasion they share the reasons they aren’t scared of the dark, but none of this convinces the little puffling, who repeats his fear that ‘it’s too dark in the dark’.

Starting out in bright daylight, the illustrations gradually get darker and darker as night-time approaches, but they never lose their beauty. Each of the animals depicted by Daly has a personality and vividness to them, and the light from the moon and stars seems to shine from the page. This is a gorgeous book that you’ll want to linger over, with little details on almost every page, and text that is clear and easy to read. As well as the illustrations throughout the book there are some beautiful endpapers, and the book opens with some scientific facts about the animals of Skellig Michael that older children and adults might appreciate learning.

The story itself is all about kindness and trying to help, but it also shows that sometimes you can’t ease someone else’s fears for them. However, from Puffling we learn that being there and supporting your friend, can be enough to help them through their worries.


About the Author
Erika McGann Headshot
Erika McGann grew up in Drogheda, County Louth, and now lives in Dublin. She is the author of a number of children’s books, including the winner of the Waverton Good Read Children’s Prize 2014, The Demon Notebook, the first in her magical series about Grace and her four friends. Other books in the series are: The Broken Spell, The Watching Wood and The Midnight Carnival. She is also the author of
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About the Illustrator
Illustrator Image - Gerry Daly
Gerry Daly is a children’s author and illustrator living by the beautiful sea in Dublin. He hasn’t seen any whales from his window, but saw many off the coast of West Cork. His previous books include the best-selling Where Are You, Puffling? and Wee Donkey’s Treasure Hunt, both written by Erika McGann and also published by The O’Brien Press. He loves to paint birds and animals, from the tiniest to
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Book Cover - It's Too Dark, Puffling
Publication Date
September 2023