Ivy Newt and the Time Thief

The second exciting book in the series following Ivy Newt, a young sand witch and her adventures with Tom, her familiar who can transform into a boy or a wolf. The story is set in the fictional land of Miracula, where Ivy lives with her parents, the King and Queen, in Newt Castle. Together with her familiar, Ivy embarks on a forbidden adventure to visit the dilapidated haunted house that magically appears every Halloween and lift the ten-year-old curse.

Ivy is a brave, strong-willed sand witch who looks out for everyone but sometimes gets into mischief at the same time. The multiple characters Ivy meets along the way, such as Magpie Meg, the cursed witch, Thaddeus Creep, the temporarily evil sorcerer, and Felicity Ticks, the clock mender, add to the charm of the novel.

The illustrations include a map of Miracula and an index of the characters at the beginning which sets the scene for the story that is to come. The dark pencil etchings create a vivid visual image for the readers which makes the story and the characters seem real. These fun gothic illustrations serve to enhance the details of this adventure.

This spooktacular story is a perfect read, especially during spooky season as it takes place during Halloween. This book can be read along with Ivy’s first adventure and keep an eye out for the third book in this fun-filled series coming next year.

About the Author
Derek Keilty Headshot
Derek Keilty lives in Belfast and is the author of over ten books for children. His work has been translated into many different languages, selected for the Richard and Judy Club and shortlisted for the Children's Books Ireland Book of the Year.
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Book Cover - Ivy Newt and the Time Thief
Publication Date
September 2023