Izzy and Frank

Everything in Izzy’s world is just as it should be. She lives in a lighthouse with no sharp corners on a perfect island with her friend, Frank the seagull. They play special games in all weathers on ‘bluesky-sunny days’ and ‘gray-storm-rainy days’. And there are days where they do nothing but ‘count sand’. Her world is balanced, beautiful and safe. But one day, inexplicably, she has to move away. And instead of the glorious seascapes and dramatic night skies, Izzy finds herself in a big busy city with rules, regulations and other people.

At first Izzy doesn’t fit in this new sharp-cornered world, and it takes time for her to find her way. But gradually, with help from Frank, Izzy learns to let in the new without losing sight of the old.

This is a lovely book for every child who has lost something precious, who has moved house or country, or for children who cannot understand why a newcomer has trouble fitting in. Sophie Beer’s Izzy is a feisty little red-head in a beautiful world of sea-blue and glowing earth tones. Katrina Lehman’s alliterative prose conjures up ‘wailing winds’ and ‘crusty crabs’, inviting shared reading aloud. Ultimately, Izzy’s imagination and curiosity get her through. A timely reminder that, although adults may like to promote the positive experience of change, sometimes, for the child, it’s just plain scary. But we can and we do gain much more than we lose. A lovely read to share.

Book Cover - Izzy and Frank
Publication Date
June 2021
Age range