Julian at the Wedding

Julian at the Wedding is a beautifully written and illustrated picturebook, full of warmth and heart, that explores love in all its forms. Love’s illustrations are vibrant and are cleverly composed to allow readers to see the different types of love at their level. The book celebrates individuality, acceptance and self-love. Every character is unique, and yet cherished.

Julian is attending a wedding with his grandmother and is also playing an active role in the event along with his cousin Marisol. The reader can see and feel the excitement and chatter of the guests. Julian and Marisol discover and enjoy the magic of a family celebration, and even go on their own adventure of play and make-believe. The illustrations ooze charisma, joy and movement and the book is made up of different scenes with the guests having fun. It is a charming story celebrating two brides on their special day; one memorable sentence in the story states ‘A wedding is a party for love.’ The book explores gender and self-expression and the importance of being free to live and be yourself. Suitable for younger readers but the exploration of LGBTQ+ and gender issues means that older readers could easily enjoy it too.

Book Cover - Julian at the Wedding
Publication Date
July 2021