Jummy at the River School

A joyful romp through the complexities of socioeconomic class in colourful 1990s Nigeria, Jummy at the River School follows Jummy as she wins and accepts a place at a prestigious boarding school. She is thrilled to explore this new world of friendly faces, midnight feasts, and fierce athletic competitions, but it is a struggle leaving her best friend behind to work with her family.

Surprised and delighted when Caro arrives at the River School to work as maid to the snobby daughter of the school's biggest benefactor, Jummy struggles with why others at the school treat her friend so badly. It isn't until Jummy herself becomes the target of those higher up in the hierarchy that she begins to understand the dynamics at play and to confront her own privilege.

Working alongside both new friends and old, Jummy demonstrates to the River School's staff and students just how wrong they are to discriminate against Caro and others of a similar background, discovering her own talents along the way.

Jummy at the River School is a delightful story of friendships new and old, finding your place in the world, and standing up for your beliefs.

Jummy at the River School Cover Image
Publication Date
January 2022