Kate On The Case: The Call Of The Silver Wibbler

Grab your binoculars and hop on board this jungle river cruise; Kate and Rupert are back with another case to solve, and they need your help! Ever heard of a bird called the Silver Wibbler? Well, after reading this book, you’ll know all about it…or will you? Join Kate and her trustee sidekick Rupert the mouse for their second adventure, trekking through the jungle, being led by the call of this mysterious bird. Will they be able to track it down in time?

This series is the perfect steppingstone for kids who have just recently developed a fluency in reading and are ready to take on chapter books. Illustrations abound, making this transition seamless. Maps, character sketches, and a special detective-like manual fully immerse the reader in the world of the text. This gives them a guiding hand in traversing this new territory of imagining a story without as much visual aid as the standard picturebook.

That said, there is still a very strong interplay between text and illustration. Elements of the graphic novel are woven throughout and make for a very interactive read. It is suitable for children who are just beginning to read independently and would be intimidated by a continuous block of text. Interjections of typography are in the school of Lauren Child’s work, and frequently serve as an allusion to the staple of the comic book: speech bubbles. In the words of Captain Mustard, the Captain of the cruise that this book is set on: ‘On-your-sharks, get-set, GO!’

Book Cover - Kate On The Case: The Call Of The Silver Wibbler
Publication Date
March 2022