Kevin the Vampire: A Most Mysterious Monster

The dull town of Lower Drudging has banned all noise and excitement in case the monster who sleeps nearby awakes. However, due to a faulty batnav, ten-year-old vampire Kevin and his family arrive with their travelling carnival and start to shake things up! Kevin meets a girl called Susie Cabbage, and together they try to save the town from the monster … and itself.

This first book of a new series is full of humour and imagination. Kevin’s vampire family and their monster friends are more human, and a lot more fun than the real humans in the town, who are largely dreadful, creating a core message about confronting fear and not judging by appearances. Kevin is capable of carrying out impressive feats, such as dragon riding and transforming into a bat. However, Susie Cabbage is the unsung hero of the book. Cinderella-like at the start, living with her cruel aunts and doing their (often disgusting) chores, she is brave and independent, and with Kevin, plays a leading role in their encounter with the town’s monster.

The book is visually appealing and its use of different fonts and extensive decorative elements throughout will make it attractive to independent readers. The black and white illustrations add energy and humour to the text and provide vivid depictions of the monsters. An illustrated ‘monster fact file’ appears at the end of many chapters, adding another visual and humorous element to the text.

Overall, fangtastic fun!

Book Cover - Kevin the Vampire: A Most Mysterious Monster
Publication Date
September 2023
Age range