A brief flick through this bright and beautiful book will quickly catch the attention of any young animal lover. From tiny beetles to massive whales, Jess McGeachin showcases how varied different creatures can be. There is no such thing as one type of frog and in fact, sixteen are illustrated to prove this point. It takes a skilled illustrator to show the subtle differences between more than a dozen kinds of penguins, and he does this deftly.

It will come as no surprise to learn that McGeachin has a day-job at the Melbourne Museum, and uses his skill and experience to curate this collection of creatures, great and small. Kind is a wonderful ode to the wonders of our natural world and to our planet itself.  

Rhyme is used effectively throughout, as the author highlights the different animals and their characteristics. Kind is a lovely title because as well as being a celebration of creatures of many kinds, the book is also a reminder to be kind to them and to our planet – “kind is more than type, kind is how to care.” The book finishes with an important reminder to be kind to ourselves too. Highly recommended.

Kind - book cover
Publication Date
September 2022