Kitsy Bitsy's Noisy Neighbours

Polly Faber’s bright, colourful picture book delightfully demonstrates how one person’s actions can impact others. As the story takes readers through every floor of the Park View Rise apartments, we learn about everyone who lives there and why it is important to remember to always be kind and considerate towards our neighbours.

Faber’s story is told in charming rhyming verses that play out on gorgeously bright, eye-catching pages. The language used is very simple and easy to follow. The book cleverly always places the verses going downwards on the pages so that readers look down as Faber takes us through every floor from top to bottom. Using easy alliteration and lots of onomatopoeia, Faber’s story shows different characters making many different creations. From singing to writing, to baking and more, this lovely book is filled with hobbies galore.

Kitsy Bitsy is the story’s hero. She is determined and clever and full of great ideas. Kitsy Bitsy is the one who brings the story’s moral to light: we all lead busy lives but our actions can always impact others so it is important that we remember to work together because a little bit of kindness and consideration can go a very long way.

This picture book is bursting with life and it would be a great tool to use when teaching younger readers about how to remember the importance of being kind to everybody. While the story is suitable for younger readers, adults will likely appreciate this story too.

Kitsy Bitsy's Noisy Neighbours Cover Image
Publication Date
August 2022