The Last Storyteller

The Last Storyteller opens with a promise of a new adventure for Petra. Petra and her family are amongst a select group of people chosen to travel to a new planet to start a new life, as a comet is on track to destroy Earth. However, this journey is not what Petra is expecting. The many twists and turns in the plot will keep the reader engaged and the pages turning.

Donna Barba Higuera is a master storyteller – her prose is unique as she weaves Mexican folklore into the plot of this dystopian science fiction novel. She touches on the theme of the past informing the future and the importance of remembering and sharing our cultural heritage. A central theme of the novel is how we all carry the stories of our family and ancestors, but as individuals we can rewrite our own stories through these memories. As people we are imperfect and sometimes messy but these qualities are what make us unique and we should celebrate our differences.  

The narrative is elegant and well-constructed, sprinkled with vivid metaphors creating a clear picture of Petra's world for the reader. At times the plot can be chilling and heart-breaking but the reader is guided sensitively through this emotional rollercoaster through the bravery and compassion of the protagonist, Petra. 

A worthy winner of the Newberry Medal, this book will transport its reader on a journey unlike any other, a journey of hope and discovery.