Legends of the Cliffs of Moher

Containing five stories inspired by tales associated with the Cliffs of Moher, The Mermaid of Moher, The Hag, The Lost City, The Magic Foals and The Giant Eel of Kilmacreehy, this picturebook is the perfect introduction to Irish folklore from western Ireland.

Presented in short story format, the key aspects of each of the legends are presented to the young reader in an accessible and fun manner by the author. The exploration of how some places got their names was an interesting addition to this collection and helps connect old Irish sites to modern locations. The pronunciation guide at the beginning of each story is an invaluable tool to help parents and children alike to read the Irish names and terms contained within this book.

The illustrations which accompany the text occupy most of the pages, ensuring that these vivid images will capture a child’s imagination and transport them into the Ireland of long ago. The illustrations complement the words of each story perfectly, breathing a liveliness into the characters and places described to the reader.

This book can be read aloud to a younger audience and can also be read easily by older children. However, as some of the stories look at monsters and creatures which may frighten a younger child, this book may be most suitable for readers aged 7 and older.

Highly recommended for children interested in storytelling, Irish history, and mythology.

About the Author
Eithne Massey Headshot
Eithne Massey is a graduate of University College Dublin and NUI Maynooth, and a short-story writer. She has worked with the Arts Council and as a librarian. Her interest in mythology has been a lifelong one. Although she lives in Dublin, she is often found travelling to old and secret places around the country.
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Book Cover - Legends of the Cliffs of Moher
Publication Date
March 2024