Lies We Sing to the Sea

Inspired by Penelope’s twelve maids from The Odyssey, this is ultimately a story about love, friendship, revenge and everything in between.

Melantho and Leto, both innocent young women that survived their sacrificial deaths, conspire against the prince Mathias to punish him for unfairly executing twelve young women every year as sacrifice to the god Poseidon. But nothing is as it seems in the palace and the three character’s fates are inextricably intertwined. Mathias is the prince but he has no real power, it is his mother who insists the curse on their island cannot be broken and thus the sacrifices must go ahead every year. But as the next season approaches, Matthias and Leto begin to unravel the curse and figure out how they can try to reverse it.

This is not a re-telling of The Odyssey more a reclamation of the story of the twelve maids who bore the worst of Odysseus’ punishment when he returned to his home after his many years away. The author combines witchy magical elements, with a heartachingly beautiful love story that will haunt you long after you put the book down. Melantho and Leto’s slow development from friends to lovers is well written and believable.

Combining fantasy and mystery this is a captivating story for young adult readers. A brilliantly written novel that really opens up the Greek myths to a new generation.

Book Cover - Lies We Sing to the Sea
Publication Date
March 2023