Life According to Dani

Dani is enjoying her summer holiday, spent on an island with her best friend Ella. They play all day long, build huts, dance in the sea, and swim five, six, seven times a day. They watch the moose swimming through the water and the sea eagles circling over the island. Sometimes Dani is a bit homesick for her hamsters, or her cat, or her dad who phones every evening. But mostly it seems that little can shadow Dani’s carefree summer world. But then her father arrives on the island accompanied by his new girlfriend, and Dani feels her happiness begin to slip away.

This is the fourth in Rose Lagercranz’ charming series of widely acclaimed Dani books. Here, she has produced a lively, fast-paced story, which jumps agilely from scene to scene while retaining its narrative flow. Quirky text and captivating illustrations by Eva Erikkson capture the changing mood of the story as Dani begins to realise that life doesn’t always go according to plan.

Whether a child is familiar with the series, or is meeting spunky Dani and chirpy Ella for the very first time, this book will be a delightful and engaging read. While the language is simple, there is both light and shade in this story as it shows us just how much our lives can be enriched if we are prepared to open them up to new people and new experiences.

Book Cover - Life According to Dani
Publication Date
July 2016
Age range