The Light Thieves: Search for the Black Mirror

We join friends Grian, Jeffrey and Shelli, all very different, but united in their quest to save the world. It is a world that has fallen for the lies of evil tech entrepreneur Howard Hansom, who is stealing the energy from the sun. As the world grows darker it becomes clear that the planet and everything living on it is in huge and immediate danger.

The second book in Helena Duggan’s The Light Thieves Series, is timely, fast-paced, contemporary, and full of adventure. A visual map and recap at the start brings us quickly up to speed with the previous adventure, meaning this book can be read as a standalone. The author covers fake news, the role of the media, activism, environmentalism, and the importance of speaking out and asking questions. This is a novel with some big messages, looking at our reliance on technology, the impact of our destruction of nature, asking who controls the media and how we consume, evaluate and fact-check our information.


There is a host of cool and quirky supporting characters, hacker Mushka, academic Zaffre, poet Amergin, a brave cast of animals and scientist Yarrow who is the founder and Head of the Council of Colour, a diverse group who have been ostracised for speaking out.

A great middle-grade read that would also make an excellent class novel.

About the Author
Author Headshot - Helena Duggan
Helena Duggan is from Kilkenny, a medieval, haunted city in the south of Ireland, which was the inspiration for Perfect. She writes stories full of adventure because she gets bored really easily. She's also a graphic designer and illustrator. A Place Called Perfect was her first book.
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Book Cover - The Light Thieves: Search for the Black Mirror
Publication Date
August 2023