Lily Steps Up

Although this is the second story set in Lissadell, it may be read as a standalone book also. Lily is once again shown to be a kind, helpful and resourceful character that children can look up to. She is determined to help her friend Nellie find the family she was separated from in the workhouse and uses all the connections she has at Lissadell and beyond to do so.

The novel also gives children an insight into how hard working class young people had to work! Lily is run ragged even when the occupants of the house are away for a few weeks. Even though she thought she might have gotten a holiday her and the rest of the staff must scrub the house from top to bottom! The author succeeds in demonstrating the huge gap between social classes in Ireland in the early 1900s. The contrast between the Big House owned by the Gore Booths and Lily’s family’s humble abode is stark but Lily and her family are no less happy with what they have. Irish history buffs will enjoy the presence of well-known characters such as Countess Markievicz.

Curtin’s familiar conversational style keeps the reader engaged with the characters and the plot. Family and friendship are of the utmost importance in this story for all of the main characters and it shines through. A thoroughly enjoyable read and sure to become a favourite in Irish households. This reader hopes there are more Lily books in the future!

About the Author
Headshot of Judi Curtin
Judi Curtin has published over 20 books for children, including the popular Alice and Megan, Eva, and Molly and Beth series. She has also written three novels for adults. Judi was born in London and her Irish family moved to Cork when she was eight years old. She is a graduate of University College Cork and later St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra, where she trained as a teacher. She taught at
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Publication Date
October 2020