The Little Album of Ireland

This non-fiction picturebook captures life in modern Ireland, giving snapshots of events and places all over the island. The selection of the scenes themselves is a great strength of this charming book; each one is carefully chosen so that we can all relate to them. Whether we’ve visited the exact place depicted, such as the English Market in Cork, or one similar, the text carefully avoids being too particular or specific so as not to alienate.

Through this familiarity of setting, it evokes the adult reader’s own memories of such places, and as such would be an excellent book to read alongside a child – while they hunt for the picture’s listed items, the adult reader can tell stories of their own experiences and of places they’ve visited.

Illustrator Tarsila Krüse populates the scenes well, with small references to the history of each place or its well-known characters interspersed naturally with the animals and items that are hidden for children to find. Additionally, a certain small character appears in every image, providing continuity to the scenes, well-hidden enough to make finding them feel rewarding. 

About the Author
Photo of author Juliette Saumande
Juliette is a writer and translator of children’s books, with over 20 stories published in her native France. For unfathomable reasons, she lives in Dublin where she keeps very busy by writing in French and in English, doing work for Children’s Books Ireland and expanding on her fine collection of raincoats.
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About the Illustrator
Photo of illustrator Tarsila Krüse
Tarsila Krüse is a self-taught artist born in Brazil and Irish at heart with a love of languages, books and art. She lives in a house with a bright yellow door in the fair city of Dublin with her husband, her son and two happy dogs, Pixel and Tag.
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Book Cover - Little Album of Ireland
Publication Date
September 2021