Little House

Ten-year-old Juno must spend her summer holidays with her grandfather while her parents work to provide aid in areas hit by disasters around the world. In her grandfather’s attic, she finds a ruined doll’s house, a doll family, and their furniture. Together with her woodworking grandfather, they repar the furniture and build a new house for the dolls. As Juno learns about carpentry, and finds joy in working with her hands, she realizes how hobbies can help lift one’s spirit.

Somber in tone, Balen emphasizes how disasters affect families all over the world, not just in the region in which they occurred, as initially Juno struggles to understand why her parents continually leave her to take care of others. However, Juno soon learns to understand the importance of helping when one can, and she urges her parents to continue to help those who need them.

Published by Barrington Stoke who uses a specific font that is legible for readers with dyslexia and other visual stressors, the paragraphs are short and have plenty of space between them. Balen’s frequent collaborator, Richard Johnson, provides illustrations which are peppered throughout, so readers’ eyes have plenty of breaks from focusing on the text.

Book Cover - Little House
Publication Date
March 2024