The Little Lamb Who Led

O’Donoghue’s vibrant book opens the enchanting world of the Irish countryside to young readers. Drawing on the author’s own childhood memories of family life in the countryside, as readers, we are invited into the wonderful world of the animals who inhabit the pages of this book including the hoppy hare and Kerry cow.

The main character of the story is a little lamb, who feels afraid of the complex world of the farm with its routines and rituals. The little lamb’s mother reassures the lamb with the wise advice of ‘do not let fear stop you’. As readers, we are reminded about the importance of courage when facing our fears.

A wonderful tale, the author skilfully draws the reader into the world of the little lamb writing exquisitely about the mountain and the various wildlife characters who live in a warm community where the animals understand and comfort each other. We learn about the ‘ways’ of country life and the intricate, watercolour illustrations draw the reader further into the setting with the illustrator’s wonderful attention to detail.

An ideal book for reading aloud at bedtime, this story also encourages young children and families to reconnect with the Irish countryside during spring and summer.

About the Author/Illustrator
Photo - Katie O'Donoghue
Katie is an Art Psychotherapist, accredited by the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists (IACAT), She has a background in Fine Art & Design and is completing a PhD in Health Psychology at University College London.
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Book Cover – The Little Lamb Who Led
Publication Date
March 2024