The Long Way Home

The Long Way Home is a simple story of intergenerational relationships, adventure and taking note of the little things. Otto and his grandma have decided to trek across the savannah to Lion Mountain for a bit of exploring. Otto, our young elephant hero, is a natural explorer; he takes after his grandma, Nanu, who is fearless and always up for taking Otto with her on expeditions. They start their journey very early in the day, armed with a backpack full of supplies, and as they travel they pass different landmarks and friends along the way.

But Nanu is having a forgetting day. She can’t seem to remember where she left their backpack full of snacks or the name of the mountain. Otto is worried but believes Nanu will be all right. But when she forgets the way home and they end up in the deep dark jungle, it’s up to Otto to get them home safely. Using his keen sense of direction and notable landmarks, Otto leads Nanu on the journey back to Mama and Papa.

Full of beautifully illustrated images of the African savannah, this book is well suited to those who are starting to read books on their own, helping them build confidence in their reading ability. A great book to read alone or together, The Long Way Home is a delight on the page.

Book Cover - The Long Way Home
Publication Date
April 2021
Age range