Lore of the Stars: Folklore & Wisdom from the Skies Above

Did you know that Augurs were people who read messages in the flight patterns of birds? Or that Aeromancy involved predicting the future by observing clouds and storms? Embark on a stellar journey through the latest instalment of the Lore series! Taking place over six parts, the reader peers into a time when various cultures turned to the skies for guidance and inspiration.

Each chapter begins with a tale or myth, followed by a skyscape of interesting facts and folklore. Though short, these diverse stories are impactful. A Nigerian tale reminds us not to take our source of food for granted, while Indigenous wisdom highlights the consequences of hasty decision making. 

Hannah Bess Ross has made the unimaginable all the more real in her spreads. A treasure trove of vibrant, playful illustrations adorn these pages. You won’t find a minimalist approach to their execution! Instead, intricate images of mythical beasts, the night sky and various gods and goddesses are met at every turn. Together, text and illustration entwine to create a patchwork quilt of the galaxy to curl up with.

This book would thrive in the hands of young readers who have an interest in folklore, myths and history. However, wonder has no age limit and many readers will be left with a new perspective on the cosmos above their heads!

Book Cover - Lore of the Stars - Folklore & Wisdom from the Skies Above
Publication Date
October 2023