Sometimes it’s hard to be quiet and sit still. Abigail is not having a good day in school. She wants to fidget and draw and play, and instead she just gets in trouble. When she sees all her friends trying different musical instruments, she feels overwhelmed and left out. That’s when her voice gets LOUD! But Miss Butler sees Abigail’s voice as a talent, not a problem, and by the end of the story, Abigail gets to shine.

The illustrations are a joy here. Bright and vibrant, using primary colours and bold lines, Abigail’s feelings spill out from the page. All the characters are animals which adds another element of fun to the story. I also loved the use of capitals in the text to emphasise when Abigail was overwhelmed, angry, or full of happiness and pride. 

This is such a gorgeous picturebook. Not only does it celebrate diversity and neurodiversity in the classroom, but it is also a joyous celebration of the unique talents that every child has. This is a great storybook to read with any child but would be especially useful for parents and teachers of neurodiverse children.

Rose Robbins is also the author of two other picture books related to autism, and these are certainly worth checking out on the merits of this beautiful book. Highly recommended.

Book cover - Loud
Publication Date
March 2022