Love is Love: A Book About Teen Queer Experiences by Young People from Sligo and Leitrim

In Love is Love, teenagers from Sligo and Leitrim share their personal experiences and feelings in their own words, accompanied by a selection of vibrant artwork created with support from artist Andy Parsons. A total of twelve teenagers contributed to this project and each section contains input from multiple participants, so readers can read about a variety of different experiences and perspectives.

Each section of the book covers a different theme including coming out, bullying, pronouns, family, and gender identity. This book not only offers a chance to explore the difficulties faced by teenagers in the queer community, but also to listen to them explain these issues in their own words and gain valuable insight into what support they need. Teenage readers will likely find much that they can relate to in the pages of this book, and adult readers can gain insight into the feelings and experiences of the teenagers in their lives.

Although the book touches on some heavy topics, such as bullying in school and difficult relationships with family, the book and the project that created it celebrate the diversity of the queer community and emphasise the importance of building your support network. It’s a book full of colour, full of personality, and a wonderful representation of the young queer community. 

Book Cover - Love is Love
Publication Date
December 2022