Lubna and Pebble

Lubna’s best friend is a pebble. Lubna finds Pebble the night that she arrives on the beach, bringing her new friend with her to the world of tents. She tells Pebble everything: about her journey to the world of tents, her brothers, her home and the war. When Lubna is frightened, she tells Pebble stories. Lubna takes care of Pebble, making sure that her friend is kept safe and warm. One day, however, a new boy arrives alone to the world of tents, and Lubna starts to wonder if it is time to pass Pebble’s magic on…

Lubna and Pebble is a story about finding friendship and generosity in the face of adversity. Wendy Meddour’s text tells Lubna’s story with simplicity and empathy. The warmth and depth of Daniel Egnéus’s illustration creates an intimate scene between Lubna and Pebble, while also employing shadow and perspective to depict the looming world of tents.

Lubna and Pebble approaches the ongoing refugee crisis with sensitivity and depth. The book offers a story that is accessible for young readers, while not reductive of its subject matter. Lubna is an imaginative and resourceful protagonist, rendered vividly through the meeting of Meddour’s understated language and Egnéus’s powerful illustration. A beautiful book.

Book Cover - Lubna and Pebble
Publication Date
August 2021
Age range