Lucky Lazlo

Steve Light has illustrated this book beautifully. The cover draws you in with its intimate detail and sharp contrast of colours. The first page introduces us to Lazlo who is on a quest to give a rose to his love. However, a mischievous cat intervenes and so the story begins to unfold. We are taken on an adventure as we weave through a theatre and its actors, set makers, musicians, props and the audience. It’s a fast chase through the whole building and the backstage world of Alice in Wonderland.

Light’s layout and high level of detail in each page fills the reader with curiosity about each character and the world around them. The variety in layout of the compositions keeps the interest of the reader and the contrast between the colour illustrations over the black and white images allows the reader to read two stories at once while also allowing the colour illustrations to take centre stage.

On the last page the author’s note is very interesting and encourages the reader to go back and explore the various superstitions of the theatre while also giving us a chance to re-read and enjoy the story, and to perhaps spot some of the hidden superstitions Light has so cleverly placed throughout the story.

Book Cover - Lucky Lazlo
Publication Date
January 2017