The Magic of Seasons

The title, The Magic of Seasons, really says it all! With its clearly written text and appealing illustrations, Vicky Woodgate's book is a cornucopia of facts around its theme, from the scientific, through climate change to history, geography and myth, all presided over by Mimi, the author's inscrutable black and white cat. Quite hard to classify, as it covers so many different aspects of its subject, but a treasure to dip in and out of; equally fun and informative for parents too.

Have you ever heard of the wandering meat loaf? Neither had I till I looked at page 29 and learned about the chiton, which looks like a meatloaf and has metal teeth! 

Endlessly engaging, with the motif of the cat is intended to draw in younger children, I'm looking forward to enjoying with my grandchildren!

My only small caveat is that the first page describes the theory of the planet Theia colliding with earth billions of years ago, knocking it off its axis, and thus causing seasons. Although Mimi the wise cat is on hand to explain that we don't really know what happened so long ago, it's a rather mixed message for an introduction.

Otherwise, I've no hesitation in recommending this enjoyable and informative book.

Book cover - The Magic of Seasons
Publication Date
March 2022