Bitsy intends to be an investigative journalist like her late mother, but living in the middle of nowhere there is little to offer, that is until her astrophysicist father is kidnapped by an intruder with a purple Hamstoceros. In the wreckage of her home, Bitsy and her friend Kosh find a hidden room, mysterious objects, and a letter that lets Bitsy into a secret about herself that she should already have known …

A ransom demand plunges the friends into an unpredictable world: one of magical power based on forms of physical energy, meteoric farthingstones, and elementals called magicores, each with their own sometimes unexpected talents. Untangling cryptic clues that lead them from London to Versailles, to India, and back, Bitsy and Kosh are in turn being pursued for their Magicalia, a manuscript that used to belong to Bitsy’s mother.

With the skimpiest knowledge of the world through which they are being propelled, Bitsy and Kosh have to rely on each other, on new friends, and on their particular combination of level-headedness, nerve, and imagination to find the object of their quest, and get back to safety. Their adventures are fast-paced and full of twists, with Bitsy’s and Kosh’s scant grasp of the new reality adding to the excitement. The world of Guilds, spies, and the centuries-old threat of the first chaos-conjuror is well-realised and immersive, enriched by the international excursions. The challenges the protagonists face are ingeniously scary, with new revelations emerging right up to the last minute.

Book Cover - Magicalia
Publication Date
May 2024