Mama's Sleeping Scarf

This first foray into children’s writing by multi award-winning author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, is a gentle story of little Chino’s love of her mother, shown through her love of the scarf Mama wears over her hair each night. When Mama has to go to work, the scarf stays behind, bringing Chino comfort until the pair is reunited each evening.

Throughout the day, Chino and her stuffed Bunny have many adventures with Mama’s scarf. They run through the garden with Grandpa, waving the scarf in the wind. They play peek-a-boo with Grandma, hiding behind the scarf’s silky softness. They both want to have it tied on their head, to look like Mama—but of course, Bunny’s head is too small for that! Grandma wraps Chino’s hair up in the scarf, and Chino even tries on Mama’s high heels and sunglasses, too. The whole day passes, and in no time at all, Mama is home—and it’s time to give her sleeping scarf back!

Avalino’s illustrations are warm, simple, and just the right accompaniment to this cosy bedtime read. Bright, plain backdrops easily draw attention to Mama’s bright and beautiful scarf, the main focus on each page, and allow Chino to pop off the page in her loud, patterned dungarees. Scenes of normal daily activities such as brushing teeth before bedtime, and happy family mealtimes, add to the overall feeling of comfort that’s threaded through this book.

Book Cover - Mama's Sleeping Scarf
Publication Date
September 2023
Age range